Videos About Deep Stuff, occasionally shortened to VADS, is the main series on the Augustus Clearwater YouTube channel. Created by Tyler Pilkinton, Richard Murray, and Benjamin Liggett, the series is divided into separate playlists by season, with two seasons currently available to watch. The episodes, also referred to as "skits", all share a common theme of strange, supernatural events.

Videos About Deep Stuff
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The thumbnail for the Videos About Deep Stuff (Season 1) playlist on the Augustus Clearwater YouTube channel.
Created November 2, 2013
Latest release October 27, 2014
Number of episodes 14
Genre Comedy

Entertainment Horror

History Edit

The series was created during pre-production for Tyler Pilkinton's student film, It Just Might Work. Originally intended as a complement to the movie due to its premise about making YouTube skits, Videos About Deep Stuff eventually took off as a separate venture altogether. The first skit, titled Chairs, Music, and Dance, was made in November 2013 and quickly rose to popularity, garnering over 100 views in a matter of weeks. Six more skits were made during production of It Just Might Work, but seeing the potential of the series, Pilkinton decided to produce a second season, which ran from August 2014 to October 2014.

According to Pilkinton's vlog on his personal channel, Anim8orkid, a third season of Videos About Deep Stuff was planned, with an expected premiere date of spring 2015. However, due to scheduling issues, the new skits were cancelled.

Episodes Edit

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