Tyler Pilkinton (born June 30, 1998) is one of the co-creators of the Augustus Clearwater YouTube channel and Videos About Deep Stuff, along with Richard Murray and Benjamin Liggett. He also directed, wrote, and starred in a student film, It Just Might Work, which Murray co-wrote and filmed; it has often been cited as the inspiration for Videos About Deep Stuff. He also created the Augustus Clearwater series Epic Rap Battles of White Station, in which he has portrayed himself in two episodes. To this day, Pilkinton has starred in all but one episode of the Videos About Deep Stuff series. Pilkinton has his own YouTube channel, Anim8orkid, which can be found here .

Tyler Pilkinton
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Tyler Pilkinton in 2014
Actor information
Birth name Tyler James Pilkinton
Nicknames T-Man

The Pilk

Tyler the Creator

King of the Vlogosphere

Tyler P.

YouTube channel Anim8orkid
Physical description
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Other information
Characters Tyler Pilkinton (It Just Might Work)

Tyler (Videos About Deep Stuff) Tyler (Epic Rap Battles of White Station)

Appearances Edit

Videos About Deep Stuff Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

Vlogs Edit

  • Augustus Clearwater's December Vlog

Epic Rap Battles of White Station Edit

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1 Edit

OK, HEH! Let's go! It's about time

For you to get slapped by one of my outstanding rhymes

You're not strong enough to take any of my blows

So give me the remote, or I'll punch you straight in the nose!

I'm coming at your skiny body like a Tsunami

So just stick to writing about your little comic book zombies

You can't even touch my grade-A rapping technique

'Cause I'm a YouTube star, you're just a gangly gaming freak

Verse 2 Edit

Who do you think you're talking to, Sir Richard Talks Alot?

Don't you remember I made you famous, or have you forgot?

I'm not a rapper, but I got a lot of candor

Now let me pass the mic to my man named Xander

Verse 3 Edit

I'll make you stumble like you tumble on a carport

'Cause I'm the one who ha-mastered the skill of parkour

I can't blame myself for casting you as a jerk

Look up a book on acting, dude. It Just Might Work

Awards and Nominations Edit

Year Award ceremony Category Result Recipient(s)
2016 Indie Memphis Youth Film Fest Best Cinematography Won Last Hope
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Film & Animation Won (2nd place) Last Hope
2015 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Film & Animation Won (2nd place) It Just Might Work
West Tennesse Regional Student Art Exhibition Film & Animation Nominated It Just Might Work

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