The Remote

The Remote

The Remote is the third episode of Season 1 of Videos About Deep Stuff. It features Tyler Pilkinton becoming obsessed with a remote which exhibits magical powers. It was released on December 1, 2013.

The Remote
Season 1, Episode 3
Episode information
Release date December 1, 2013
Number 3
Views 73 (as of February 2015)
Length 7:50
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homesick - a silent-ish film Haunties! Initiation gone WRONG...! ...?
Other information
Featuring Tyler Pilkinton

Richard Murray

Benjamin Liggett


Tyler Pilkinton as Himself

Richard Murray as Himself

Benjamin Liggett as Himself


  • This skit took three weeks to film.
  • This is the second skit in which Benjamin Liggett appears.

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