Richard Murray (born 1997) is one of the co-creators of the Augustus Clearwater YouTube channel and Videos About Deep Stuff, along with Tyler Pilkinton and Benjamin Liggett. He also co-wrote and shot It Just Might Work, Pilkinton's student film on his personal channel, Anim8orkid. To date, Murray has appeared in 10 episodes of Videos About Deep Stuff. Murray has his own channel, Richard Talks Alot, which can be found here.

Richard Murray
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Murray (left) with Tyler Pilkinton (right)
Actor information
Birth name Unknown
Nicknames Richard Talks Alot

Ricardo Murzilla Richie Boy Reechard

YouTube channel Richard Talks Alot
Physical description
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Other information
Characters Richard (Videos About Deep Stuff)

Richard (It Just Might Work)

Appearances Edit

Videos About Deep Stuff Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2

Vlogs Edit

  • Augustus Clearwater's December Vlog

Trivia Edit

  • Murray played himself in the original version of the Epic Rap Battles of White Station pilot, Tyler vs. Richard. However, he was unsatisfied with his performance, so Tyler Pilkinton portrayed Murray in the final version of the battle.
  • Murray is one of the few actors in It Just Might Work whose character was not based on his real life personality.
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