Epic Rap Battles of White Station, sometimes shortened to ERBoWS, is a YouTube series created by Tyler Pilkinton. The series pits characters from the Augustus Clearwater universe against each other in a rap battle format.

Epic Rap Battles of White Station
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Created 2014
Latest release February 7, 2016
Number of episodes 6
Genre Comedy

Entertainment Music


Creator Tyler Pilkinton cites Epic Rap Battles of History as the main inspiration for the series. In June 2014, Pilkinton wrote and recorded a demo for a rap battle between him and Videos About Deep Stuff co-creator Richard Murray. Murray discovered the demo recording on Tyler's computer while at his house filming the Videos About Deep Stuff season 2 premiere. Murray was impressed by the song and wanted to help Pilkinton make a video for it. Pilkinton got Xander Ray to voice the announcer as well as provide a cameo appearance in the battle, which was filmed in October. Pilkinton invited Murray over to record his part not too long afterwards and even rendered out a version of the battle ready for upload. However, Murray was not satisfied with his performance in the battle, requesting that Pilkinton take it down before it went live. In order to meet the release date of November 2, 2014--the one-year anniversary of the creation of Augustus Clearwater--Pilkinton decided to portray Murray's character himself, as well as add some touch-ups to the video before uploading it again. The battle was released on time and has garnered over 350 views as of late 2015.

The original battle, "Tyler vs. Richard", was intended as a standalone video but was so successful that Pilkinton decided to make a sequel. This second installment, "Clinton vs. Walter", was released on February 1, 2015 and featured Clinton Taylor as both himself and Walter White. On May 3, 2015, the channel uploaded another battle, "Dr. Chan vs. Dr. Madu", the first battle to feature rappers who had never appeared in an Augustus Clearwater video or It Just Might Work. The title characters were played by Daniel Xi and Xander Ray, respectively, and the battle garnered over 1200 views in its first 48 hours.

According to a vlog on Pilkinton's channel Anim8orkid, at the time of the last battle's release, there were at least two other battles in development; however, Pilkinton expressed no plans to continue the series after the success of "Dr. Chan vs. Dr. Madu". A few weeks later, Pilkinton dropped a few hints regarding a possible return of the series, and on August 23, 2015, he added a page to this wiki for "Mr. Foster vs. Mr. Flippo". Pilkinton confirmed in a September 13, 2015 vlog that there were multiple battles in various stages of production and development, all slated for release over the next several months.

As of 2016, there are six battles in the series; Pilkinton confirmed in an interview with the White Station Scroll that he had no plans for future battles beyond "Choir Teachers vs. Band Teachers". However, he hinted in an update video on Augustus Clearwater as well as on his podcast In Other News Memphis that he plans to release remastered versions of the existing battles sometime in 2017.



No. in series No. in season Title Running time Original airdate Link



"Tyler vs. Richard" (original version)

2:00 N/A --
N/A N/A "Jesse vs. Ben" 2:48 N/A --

Season 1Edit

No. in series No. in season Title Running time Original airdate Link
1 1 "Tyler vs. Richard" 2:01 November 2, 2014 1
2 2 "Clinton vs. Walter" 2:02 February 1, 2015 2
3 3 "Dr. Chan vs. Dr. Madu" 1:50 May 3, 2015 3
4 4 "Mr. Foster vs. Mr. Flippo" 2:09 September 13, 2015 4
5 5 "Mr. Odle vs. Mr. Zich" 2:27 November 1, 2015 5
6 6 "Choir Teachers vs. Band Teachers" 2:35 February 7, 2016 6


  • Augustus Clearwater uploads instrumentals, karaokes, and occasionally green screen cuts of the battles.
  • Demos for two other battles, including "Clinton vs. Walter", were written in August 2014, before filming on the first installment even began.
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