Dr. Chan vs. Dr

Dr. Chan vs. Dr. Madu - Epic Rap Battles of White Station 3

Dr. Chan vs. Dr. Madu is the third installment of Epic Rap Battles of White Station. It features Xander Ray and Daniel Xi as two characters new to the Augustus Clearwater universe. The battle was released on May 3, 2015.

Dr. Chan vs. Dr. Madu
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Season 1, Episode 3
Episode information
Release date May 3, 2015
Number 3
Views 2400+ (as of December 2016)
Length 1:50
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Clinton vs. Walter Mr. Foster vs. Mr. Flippo
Other information
Featuring Xander Ray

Daniel Xi

Cast Edit

Xander Ray as Announcer and Dr. Madu

Daniel Xi as Dr. Chan

Tyler Pilkinton as Mr. Foster (cameo)

Lyrics Edit

Dr. Madu:Edit

OK Chan, let's go. I've got an AP class to teach. Time for me to unleash

I'm gonna spear you with my raps, roast yours like I did my goat Beef Jerky

Pay attention, don't mis-remember this. Your contentions will get you suspended

Your mind is splendid, but I better mention that you cannot leave your class unattended

Unlike my homeland of Nigeria, my rhymes are cold through and through

You only made a layup in that basketball game 'cause they lowered the goal for you

You're a has-been mathematician with half as much talent as Mr. Foster

You'd better roll outta here with your Corolla. Trust me, I'm a doctor

Dr. Chan:Edit

Oh OK, now I see who they’ve put me up against

You better be sorry that you have decided to cross the Chan Man

You need to repent for your sins; the way you teach is very bad

So take out your graphing calculator 'cause we’re about to do some math

As you can see, this plot shows the linear decay of your flows

Put that away. Show some respect! Be sure and tell your friends: No cell phones!

Plus, these two axes stretch to infinity in both directions

Because my brilliance has no limits! I mean, just look at the interval notation

Dr. Madu:Edit

Tsz Ho Chan no you didn’t, don't think you could ever beat me

‘Cause you’re just a nutty professor, and I’m a connoisseur of biology

Half your students aren't even passing your class. Don't you see what's wrong?

Why don't you just pack up your bags and head back to Hong Kong?

Dr. Chan:Edit

I’m going to make a horizontal shift into a parallel universe where you're having success

Make sure you write this down, Madu, 'cause it's gonna be on the test!

Your rhymes are weak, son, mine are sick to the third power

If you ever need a lesson in rapping, come by my tutoring hour!

Poll Edit

Who won?

The poll was created at 14:35 on May 3, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.

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