Clinton Taylor (born 1997?) is a YouTuber who co-starred in It Just Might Work (on which he also served as associate producer) and helped co-write the second installment of Epic Rap Battles of White Station, "Clinton vs. Walter", in which he also played himself. He was slated to play a role in Last Hope but was replaced by Luke Rawlings.

Taylor owns the YouTube channel cjstudio1000, on which he uploads stop-motion animations and gaming videos. His channel can be found here. He is currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Clinton Taylor
Actor information
Birth name Unknown
Nicknames CJ, ClintON, Clinton Failure
YouTube channel cjstudio1000
Physical description
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Other information
Characters Clinton Taylor

Appearances Edit

Epic Rap Battles of White Station Edit

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1 Edit

I'm gonna get you, Walter! It's emcee CJ 'bout to defeat this cross-eyed geek, take a look

It's all part of the plan. I'll split you in half like in a stolen anatomy textbook!

You're just another anime lover. If this was a perverted contest, you'd be right on the front cover!

You can't deny it, brother. Quit making random noises and just go back to living with your mother.

Verse 2 Edit

You need braces to fix those crooked teeth

I mean, can you even rhyme while I'm dropping this beat?

I'm the strongest Street Fighter, call me Ryu emcee

Always carrying a boom pole for my friend Tyler P.

Yo, I'll make it Crimson Rain after I'm done

Crushing into teeny bits and pieces this sickening Oreo Reaper

Your stories are some of the vilest things I've ever heard

Look out, White, 'cause I'mma decapitate Heisenberg!

Verse 3 Edit

Hey, not cool!

Verse 4 Edit

You, a girlfriend? Man, you've gotta be kidding me

This battle's gonna end like Mortal Kombat...

Verse 5 Edit

I'm not an emcee, I'm a hip-hop dominator

I ain't coming back, so don't call me Terminator.

Trivia Edit

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